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Our Trip Along the Silk Road Summarized

The picture is taken from the webpages of Vodkatrain who operate the tour     The Silk Road has its name from the trade of silk and other things between Asia and Europe, but the routes used were actually many. They all go through Central Asia, through changing landscape, countries and cultures. On my trip […]

The Silk Road, Turkey

From Ancient Galatia to Modern Ankara

  When arriving at the Turkish capitol, Ankara, we felt like we had gotten a lot closer to our home country then we had been before on our Silk Road journey. Ankara felt much more European that I had expected, but just like Istanbul it had its districts that had more in common with its […]

The Silk Road

What To Expect From The Trains On The Silk Road

The Silk Road goes through many countries, but I am surprised by how little the standard of the trains did vary across the borders. The first ones we took were Chinese trains from from Beijing to Urumqi and Urumqi to Almaty. We were staying in soft sleeper, 4 berth compartments that had plenty of storage […]

Iran, The Silk Road

Teheran Express

We arrived Teheran early morning, just a few minutes after the train had done its daily 5 am prayer stop. It had been a short ride with just a couple of hours of sleep, so we were all happy when we arrived at our hotel and were told that we could eat breakfast, go swimming […]