Namibia, Trans African Overlanding

Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei

We managed to secure the last spot for our truck and tents in the park, which allowed us to camp and explore the national park for a three days. Arriving around noon there was plenty of time to do some laundry and then walk the five kilometers over to the Sesriem Canyon. From the viewpoint on […]

Namibia, Trans African Overlanding

Waterhole Viewing in Etosha National Park

Having crossed over from Angola we were now in what can be called “Africa Light”, or Africa with Shoprite supermarkets in every small town. People spoke english and there were again more tourists around. We were planning on staying three nights in Etosha National Park, but as all of the campsites were full we only […]

Angola, Trans African Overlanding

Last stop, Lubango!

Angola is in an economical crisis at the moment. The inflation rate is high and expats are no longer allowed to bring the local currency out of the country. Therefore there is a huge black market for currency where people would pay four times the official rate for dollars and euros. We used that to […]