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Our Trip Along the Silk Road Summarized

The picture is taken from the webpages of Vodkatrain who operate the tour     The Silk Road has its name from the trade of silk and other things between Asia and Europe, but the routes used were actually many. They all go through Central Asia, through changing landscape, countries and cultures. On my trip […]

The Silk Road, Turkmenistan

Crazy, funny, weird Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ashgabat was the capitol of the Palin Dynasty around year 0 and was almost completely destroyed in an earthquake in 1948. Since the Soviet left and Turkmenistan got their independence in 1991 the city was completely rebuilt and is until today officialy the weirdest city I have ever visited. We traveled from Turkmenabat through the […]

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Upcoming Travels

I always have a lot of trips to look forward to, and during the next few months I will travel to the following places: November 14.-16. Ireland: Celebrating my birthday together with my girlfriend doing christmas shopping and visiting breweries and destilleries November 21.-30. Cuba: Sailing through the Canarreos Archipelago. A free study trip with […]