Upcoming Projects

I’m finally back at my parents home in Finn√ły, after having completed another promotional tour through Norway the last weeks and am now ready to get started on my next projects. First of all, I’ll working and saving up some money to buy a couple of cars that will be used on my first every […]

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Visiting Lisbon

Lisbon. What a great city. It has good food, good surfing waves, rich culture and lots and lots of beautiful sights. I got to spend three nights in the city and it was not nearly enough. For people like me who like to just walk around and explore, is the perfect place where you probably […]


Join me on a road trip to Africa

Im on a week break from my travels, celebrating Christmas with my family in Norway. In the meantime you can have a look at my next project, which I will do once I have visited every country in the World this summer: www.vikingsinafrica.com


The Ancient Waterwheel City Hama

Just 50 kilometers North of Homs there is a city called Hama known for its 9 water wheels. These wheels were used to water the gardens of the city over 3000 years ago and are still used in the same way today! The city is not big. In facts its pretty tiny, and a day […]