Cuba, Sailing

Cayo Cantiles, the Big but Deserted Island


At sunrise around 6.30 am the boat started moving so that everyone was up for a breakfast while sailing.

On the program today was visiting Cayo Cantiles, a pretty big island where there were 4 locals living together with wild monkeys, flamingos and “hutias” which was a huge rat like animal that the locals ate, saying that it tasted like pork. The locals had been without power for over two months (their solar panel had broken during hurricane season) and they had had constant rain for three days straight, so when we and the sun came to their island they were happy to to show us around to look for animals and teach us how to open coconuts with machetes. They had also caught around ten lobsters the same morning and when we offered to trade them for some food and rum they seemed to more than happily to do so. The lobsters was put to use by our French cook to make lobster carpaccio and lobster schnitzels, just like all the other food we managed to get a hold of. There is usually very little selection of food in Cuba, so some creativity is very useful to vary the meals when the ingredients are more or less the same.

We also dropped off our kayaks to explore the mangroves that seemed to go on forever. The mangroves were also supposed to be a home to crocodiles, but all we saw when paddling around where stingrays and a big barracuda. The kayak trip was beautiful and together with some more sailing and a snorkeling trip where we saw turtles, flying fish and some more barracudas we had used up all our energy and took an early night already at seven in the evening.