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Cayo Sal, a Tiny Island in the Canarreo Archipelago


We had reached Cayo Largo at 2am in the morning where everyone had woken up by the anchor being dropped, but had gone to sleep again until breakfast at 7am. That repeated itself throughout the journey, where people went early to bed and woke up right after sunrise between six and seven Being fully rested from the night. The waves made the boat like a cradle so even though small sounds woke us up several times at night it was never a problem getting to sleep again.

Cayo Largo was the largest island among the Canarreos Archipelago and the immigration office there had to be visited to be allowed out to the smaller cayos that we were gonna visit, like Cayo Sol which was our main destination for the day.

The small island did not have anyone living on it except some hermit crabs and one single tree sticking up by itself from the flat island. The reason we got off the boat was to see the blowhole shooting seawater high up in the air every time the waves hit the shore. Other than that there was also a sailboat that was stranden there, supposedly because of some drunk Russian sailors that had not seen the island while sailing at night. We did some hermit crab racing and some snorkelling off the small beach before setting off to Cayo Estopa where we would anchor for the night.