Celebrations in Cap Skirring

Since roads had been improved greatly since Dragoman was last running tours in West Africa the Chinese had come and roads had improved greatly. Instead of driving for three days from Fouta Djallon to Bissau City we used three, which meant that we could spend four days in Cap Skirring instead of three. I would spend my birthday there and the tour leader would spend her birthday so we were all happy and ready for some celebrarion. 

Even though Senegal is one of the more touristy countries in West Africa there were not as many around. My guess is that the country is still suffering from the impact of the ebola crisis that was going on two years ago. Even though they did not have any cases of it. Maybe thats why the locals were so friendly and welcoming to us there.
Even though I had rented a surfboard for the stay I did not catch any waves. The usual surfing spots were quiet so the days were just spent relaxing and enjoying restaurant meals instead of camping and cooking like we did on the road.