Couchsurfing in the Worlds Southernmost Kibbutz

My plan for leaving Egypt early in the morning was to see a littlebit of Eilat, but as I spent more than six hours at the border it had already gotten dark when I got there. Eilat is like the Cancun of Israel in the way that huge resorts make up most of the coast and the stuff to do there is quite commercial like visiting aquariums and swimming with dolphins.
I had arranged with a couchsurfing host, who was I’m the army, to stay in her old room in her parents apartment, which was part of Kibbutz Eilot. The father worked as a receiver in the Kibbutz restaurant and the mother worked outside in a sea shell farm. Both were members of the Kibbutz which meant that they would share all their income as well as the Kibbutz expenses. They then received their equal part of the Kibbutz income which they called their “budget” (Kibbutz salary). Their apartment belonged to the Kibbutz and the “budget” they received was free for them to use as they wished. Communism in practice so to say, which seemed to have worked for them almost all their lives.


The peacock on the farm was one of the animals that was running freely around in the backyards