Maldives, Sailing

On a Dhoni Cruise around the Kaafu Atoll

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For the first leg of our journey, the crew had prepared some coconuts and snacks for us, so that we could sit and get to know each other on our two hour journey from Malé to “Bodu Veli”, the first of many sand bank islands we would visit on our trip.

When getting there we jumped straight into the water, and were surprised to see that everything was just as beautiful underwater as it was above. When swimming in deep waters, the blue color was just so consistent all around us and the water so “unpolluted” by algea an other organic micro things that otherwise would have made their water more unclear.

Like most of the other sand banks visited on the trip we had them all to ourselves and with delicious food taken care of by our chef, VJ, we could spend the whole day snorkelling around coral reefs, relaxing on the beach or doing “wake surfing”- wakeboarding with a regular surfboard dragged by the “Dinghy”.

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