Hiking/trekking, Norway

Day Trip From Stavanger to Kjerag



Kjeragbolten is a bouder that is wedged between a mountain crevice in the en of Lysefjorden in Forsand Municipality. The trip to Kjeragbolten is easily doable as a day trip from Stavanger either with bus, with boat or by self drive. I decided to go for the latter.


The two and a half hour drive from Stavanger was beautiful, going through forests, some snowy mountains and past numerous lakes.  With almost no one else on the roads I could easily speed up a bit and then stop for some photo breaks in between. There was a lot more cars and people when I got up to Øygardstølen which is the place where the hike starts from.

The hike itself was short, but a bit tough. There were three or four steep hills on the way up and some parts that were more flat in between. In comparison to Trolltunga, that I hiked last year, I thought the trails were a bit too crowded and a bit boring, as there was less vegetation and it felt more rocky. The views down to the fjord on the one side was beautiful though and so was the spot we arrived at on the top, after about two hours of hiking.


The way down was much quicker, taking less then an hour and a half. Although I had been sweating and struggling a bit on the climb up  it was much tougher going down. Since it was so rocky and steep, my knees got sore from constantly trying to break the speed and there were even more people then, going in both directions.

Tjeragbolten is quite unique is and definitely worth seeing, but I think going the hike once is enough as it is a bit crowded and not that interesting. Tomorrow I will climb the another mountain close to Stavanger called Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) that I have already visited many times. You can read more about my previous trip to Preikestolen on this page.