Diving, North Pacific Island Hopping, Palau

Diving in Palau

Palau is known for having some of the Worlds best dive sites, both because of its unique underwater landscape and also because of the diverse and sprawling underwater life. My instructor and dive buddies who had dived in Palau plenty of times told me that I had been lucky with the dive sites chosen for the day, as the Blue Corner and Blue Hole were their favorite dive sites in Palau. In my log book I wrote the following about my three dives today:

Location: Blue Hole and Blue Corner (Max depth 23m)
Conditions: Calm Water and good visibility
Comments/observations: Amazing dropping down the hole and lighting up the Devils Nest to see disco clams at the bottom. We dove through a smaller hole in the wall, bringing us out to the Blue Corner where we saw lots of fish, sharks and turtles swim by as we finished our last hundred bar before returning to the surface. Definately a dive to remember!

Location: The other side of Blue Corner (Max depth 13m)
Conditions: Very strong current and good visibility

Comments/observations: Because there was a tidal wave coming up, bringing huge amounts of fish, our instructor convinced us to return to the Blue Corner, but just on the other side. The current was very strong so we hooked us onto the reef, inflated our BCDs so that we could fly as being on a kite while watching huge tuna fish and reef sharks hunt the big streams of fish that swam by together with a couple of turtles that swam past us, just a meter from my face. When the others returned to the surface I had more air left and swam with a turtle who did not mind me getting close. Amazing!

Location: Chandellier Cave (Max depth 6m)
Conditions: Calm Water and very bad visibility (very dark)

Comments/observations: The entrance of the cave was hidden at a depth at approximately five meters, where all the visibility dissapeared and it instantly turned pitch dark. With our flashlights we visited five chambers to see the salt rocks hanging from the ceiling. I learned that I find diving in underwater caves scary and that it is not my favorite. Afterwards we swam outside and saw a family of prawn fish/razorfish swim horizontally by sideways. Fascinating.