Dominica- a different Caribbean Experience

When I first got to Dominica I was shocked to see how much the hurricane Maria had destroyed just two months earlier. I was camping in the garden of a local guy, who like most of Dominicans, did not yet have power. His son said that he wished to get the power back for christmas, but when talking to the father it seemed like it was more likely to take a few more months. We cooked our meals on a bonfire in the garden and I shared my torch with them as they didnt have anything other than the light from his old Nokia cell phone.

I had emailed the tourism board and found out that all tourist attractions was closed down, but I still went to see them and found out that with some climbing over heaps of trees everywhere you could see them completely by yourself and completely for free as there were noone working there.

I visited the hot springs in Wotten Waven, Trafalgar Falls, champagne reef in Soufriere and Emerald Pool outside of Roseau. Buses were cheap and frequent and when there was no bus running it was no problem catching a lift from bypassers. People I met here have been very friendly and the country seems like it has the coolest tourists attractions of all the countries in the Caribbean. It was just a pity that it was completely devastated, so I will have to give it another visit in a few years when all is back to normal.

Watch this on my vlog, episode 5 here.