El Eulma and Setif

It was not the first time a couchsurfing host had offered me to stay for free in a hotel instead of on his couch, but in El Eulma my host had an uncle who was running a hotel and said I could stay there.

School for boys on the left and school for the girl on the right

He was a professor who had summerholiday and was eager to show me around his home town Eleulma known for being a hub for goods coming in from Europe, China etc. I noticed that there were only men on the streets, and when I asked I was told that the women had their own streets where they could shop groceries and clothes for children. There was also an old school with sign for girls and boys which I all found quite interesting.

We also visited the local theater where a group of youths were making puppies for an upcoming show. Their teacher was a famous Algerian actor who was happy to explain everything and give us the grad tour of the teater including the rooftop which had the most beautiful view of the city.

The next day we went to Setif which was just another business city with shopping centers, fun parks and modern restaurants. What I really found interesting though was to see a statue of a naked women right next to the mosque.

A statue of a naked women next to a mosque in Setif