Final Thoughts on Tokyo


Tokyo has been very different from all the cities we have been to before. It is not the size of the city that leaves the biggest impression, but the people who are filling it. Every single day of the week we have spent here has been like a safari of subcultures. When sitting in a sushi bar or coffeshop we could see businessmen with suitcases, geeks fiddling around with their technological gadgets, old people reading books and gothic people giggling in a cornershop, and at the end of the day, all stripes and colors united for the train ride back to the suburbs, dozing of and waking up suddenly just as they reach their station. 


The food in Tokyo was also superb. It seems like the Tokyoites take their dining, service and fresh ingredients very seriously, making each and every meal a great experience. The best food experience was sinking our teeth into a fatty tuna nigiri at the Tsukiji fish marked, but being handcuffed and locked into a prison cell at the Alcatraz E.R theme restaurant was also an interesting “only in Japan” experience. 
P1070742 (1)

When it comes to celebrating New Years in Tokyo, we were expecting fireworks, countdowns and light shows, but were surprised not to witness any of this. Rumors went that most Japanese celebrate New Years eve in the temples with their families, but the athmosphere at Shibuya Crossing was also quite an experience. 

If you are looking for a city that has it all, Tokyo is the place to be.