Indochina Discovery, Thailand

Full Moon Celebration in Koh Pangan

After the lazy days at Langkawi, it was time for an event that we had been looking forward to for a long time. Our goal was to reach Koh Pangan in time for the famous Full Moon Party, which is held monthly in the southern part of the island, on a beach called Hat Rin. From our guidebooks we had been advised to book accommodation at least a week in advance, but when we showed up the day before the party, we had no problem finding a good value room that was centrally located, clean and decent. Here we also met up with our Norwegian friends Hanne, Ingeborg and Greta, who were also there for the upcoming beach party.

Already a day before full moon, people were working up their mood by arranging beach parties and a massive pool party at Coral Bungalows that we attended. Here laughing gas was sold freely, and there was a rumor spread that it was possible for girls to get pregnant, just by taking a dip in the overcrowded pool.

Finally the day had come, where 40 000 people were gathered up at the beach covered in neon paint, raving to loud music, showing off alternative skills like flameblowing, limbo and bottle juggling. To be part of this raging athmosphere was something we had not been a part of before, and after sharing a couple of buckets, we must say that we enjoyed it to its fullest. If you are traveling through South- East Asia, spending a day or two at this massive event is worth it’s while.



koh pangan



The northern part of Koh Pangan is completely different from the crowded beaches and noisy streets in the South. We took a taxi boat to an almost desolate part of the island called Bottle Beach, where party tourists were non-existent. There were only a handful of restaurants, hammocks and beach bungalows in sight, and the few tourist that lived there were more of the quiet type.


When looking back on our memories from Bottle Beach, we have both agreed that this has been the most peaceful place we visited in Thailand.