First Ever Charter Holiday

I’ve been living ny whole life saying that I will never go on chartered package holidays, but when my parents invited the whole family to celebrate my fathers 60th birthday I was glad to join.

They had booked a five star resort called Lopesan Beobab for a full week, meals included. I was now a charter tourist, and believe it or not but life there wasn’t all that bad either! The hotel was in Meloneras, a quiet area in the south and lots of pools, a good gym and workout sessions for the guests. Instead of just sleeping in a sunchair me and my brothers treated ourself as we were in a bootcamp. We were up before the sun every morning to do yoga, swam a few rounds in the pool, then hit the gym and maybe did a HIT (high intensity training) session or went for a jog in the evening when the air was cooler. Right next to the hotel was the Madpalomad Desert where you could hike the dunes and see lots of nudists walking around with their junk out.

I also had a rental car for five days, costing me only 5euros a day. On one of the days I took my parents and the car tofor the top of the island visiting a bodega for wine tasting and hiking up the famous Rocke Nublo at almost 1700meters.

The landscape around Roque Nublo was quite amazing!

All in all it was quite alright, and even though I will not prioritize going on chartered trips instead of backpacking I will not say that I am never going on another charter package holiday again.