Grenada and Masaya

Once the capital of Nicaragua, Grenada is a colorful city with lots of history. Right next to our hostel, De Boca en Boca there was a cathedral called Iglesia La Merced which had a viewtower that could be visited for a dollar and was my favorite place in town.

The market and main plaza was also lively and everywhere in town you could see people riding through the colorful streets in horse carriages, which were the local “taxis” in Grenada. In the night there was also a party going on in a treehouse in the jungle about 15kms from the city. Some of the facepaint and glitter from that event stayed in my hair and beard for several days afterwards- but it was all good fun and definitely worth it!

My favorite part of my stay in Grenada was going to the nearby Masaya Volcano at night, on a tour costing 20dollars including a volcano museum, transport, entry and guide. After sunset we were taken up to the crater rim where we were allowed to stay 15-20minutes (no more because of toxic gases) watching the lava boiling in the volcano.