Hiking/trekking, Norway

Hiking the Seven Hills Around Trondheim

Topp 7

Picture taken from the official webpage www.topp7.no showing the heights of the seven peaks

Every summer thousands of people go on the so called “top 7” race, happening in the mountainous outskirts of Trondheim.


On that day there are music, free maps of the trails, pit stops with food and drinks plus some giveaways for the participants at the end, but then you also would have to pay a fee of fifty dollars to participate. The rest of the year the trail is for free and just by using the map below anyone can go at any time, camping along the trail if they want:


This year, on June 14th I went on this 30 kilometer trail through wet and muddy terrain myself, finishing in about 8 hours.  Although a bit tiring for the untrained , it was a great hike for me as I had not yet been to any of the seven hills of “Bymarka” before.


It is a great event, and even though I will not participate next year I would sure go on shorter trips again, going to only a couple of the hills at a time. Now as the summer has finally come to Trondheim, it is recommended that you check out these places for yourself. You can find more information about the event on this page: www.topp7.no