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Hong Kong, the Perfect Stopover City

Hong Kong is the perfect city to break up long flights between continents, and it is well worth spending a few days while you are there. Hong Kong is a city where East meets West to create a lively cosmopolitan vibe, a city where sea and green mountains are surrounding tall skyscrapers and neon lights. It is compact, well organized and safe, and still filled with exciting new experiences:
Skjermbilde 2014-01-07 kl. 21.32.09Shopping is the goal for some, and with good reason. Hong Kong had absolutely no sales tax and it also boasts some of the best worlds best shopping streets and centers, both for the cheapest copies of electronics and for the most expensive brands in fashion. “Citygate Mall” right next to the airport is the place to go if you just have a couple of hours. and”Times Square Shopping Center” has enough stores to keep you busy for days. If you are looking for fake brands, cheap electronics or indian tailors to make you a suit, Nathan Road is the place to go and it is also here I would recommend sleeping, either at some of the cheap hostels if you are on a budget, or Nathan Hotel or better, Eaton Smart, which lie right next to each other. Nathan Road is a lively street, looking quite gray during the day, but turning into a bustling, neon lit street at night.
The biggest tourist attraction is probably taking the worlds steepest tram up to Victoria Peak, and when you get on top it is easy to see why. Unfortunately you will probably not be the only one up there, especially if you go in the late afternoon when the tourists go up and wait for the sun to set. If you want enough room to be the only one in the pictures you take, then I would advise to get there well before noon.

My best recommendation is to catch a ferry from the Star Pier at Hong Kong Island around 8 o’clock. The ferry price should be around 3 Hong Kong Dollar (less than one US Dollar), and that will give you the best view of the “Symphony of Lights” a light show lighting up the buildings in Tsim Sha Tsui, the harbor front in Kowloon. Asking for the best Peking Duck in town also brought us to Peking Garden, a restaurant that proved to also have a good atmosphere and Dim Sum, which is the Chinese equaling of tapas.

If I had more days I would have loved to go with one of the glass bottom cable cars to Ngong Ping Village to see the Mighty Big Buddha, to have another stroll through the Temple Street Night Market and to visit Macau for a day or two. Fast ferries take you there in about an hour and, once on the other side I imagine it being like the worlds biggest Vegas with casinos and the Macau Tower, where I would have loved to try out the worlds highest bungee jump. Hong Kong and Macau can be quite the place to live life either on the way home from an around the world trip or just in between other travel adventures.





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