Interrailing through Firenze and Bologna

The streets of Florence/Firenze

For me interrailing is the best of what life can offer. You can go out in a city, pick a random train to go sleep on and then wake up in another countre. Me and my friend Sondre had bought a global pass and were ready to use this to the max.

First off after Rome was Firenze. We got off walked around the city center to see the fortress and churches that the city is famous for and got on the train again after a couple of hours. Next up was Bologna, where we did the same spontaneous walk around before we went shopping for food and made a picnic in the park.

We did not have planned to visit either of these palaces, but interrail ticket gives you the flexibility of just jumping off the train quite spontaneously and getting on the next one once you feel like it. Quite a genious concept!

The entrance to the park, next to the Bologna Train Station.