Jaipur: the “Pink City” and the monkeys

On of the highlights of the desert state Rajastan is the so called “Pink City”, Jaipur. The City has its name because most the houses are painted int he same color; a kind of pink much more red and brown than the pink we think of at home.
The city had lots of sights like the “Jantar Mantar”, a kind of a open air museum filled with stairs of all kinds. Pretty weird, the same as a man selling clay cups of chai outside, and when we had finished our tea he broke the clay cup by throwing it into his wagon as all cups should only be drunken from once.
We also went to the Amer Fort, about 10 kilometers from Jaipur City Center. Just as impressive and just up to at the Jaipur hill, was also the monkey temple where the Hindus could pray to their monkey gods. Hundreds of monkeys were running outside of the temple, roaring loud and looking ready to jump at us at any second to eat the bag of peanuts we had brought. Luckily none of us got bitten.
We also got to buy some warmer clothes at the city markets, that would be useful when moving up to the even colder North.
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