United States

Joshua Tree and Lake Havasu

Even though we were not supposed to leave Palm Springs before 10 o’clock everyone was up around 6 as we were still jet lagged and decided to do a american diner breakfast before hanging out by the pool before departure.

First up the program was visiting the National Park of Joshua Tree, where we got to walk around and have lunch for a couple of hours. The national park was huge, consisting a lot of dry landscape with cacties and some unusual looking mountains and boulders. Climbing them also proved to be quite a fun activity and the views from the top were quite spectacular.

Afterwards we had a stop at Walmart to stock up on food and beer for the night that we would spend camping by the Colorado River, close to Lake Havasu.

We also had a stop at Lake Havasu the next morning to see the bridge that was built with the bricks from the London Bridge after it had fallen down.