Kiang West National Park

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From where we crossed the border into The Gambia it was only a short drive tomed our eco-lodge in Kiang West National Park. The lodge had daily game drive departures but as we were told beforehand that there was next to no chance of seing mammals all of us stuck to our program of just going out on a boat trip to spot some of Gambias 576species of birds.

A bird that was swimming with its head over and the body under the water

There was no lack of them by the river and we got to learn quite a bit about the local varieties of kingfishers, african darters and eagles they had. 

The drive out of the country was also super quick, except the waiting time for the ferry which must have taken around five hours. The Spanish are building a bridge that should be ready by 2022, but when talking to locals they seemed less confident that it would ever be finished. I guess time will show.