Malé, the capital of the Maldives

As we arrived Malé Airport late in the evening, we had arranged a night hotel at the airport island hulhumale, which surprisingly is on a different island than Malé city (about 7 mins apart with speedboat).

Just on the very short ride to our hotel, we had to cross two airplane runaways. On the first one we had to stop and wait for a green light after the Turkish Airlines flight had landed and for the second one there was just a sign saying that we should beware as the seaplanes were taking off to go to the resort islands. It was fascinating to see and learn how the small island nation handled their logistics, consisting of over a thousand island, some with resorts that required catering for the most picky western needs.

When getting to the airport the next morning we got to see how beautiful everything was in daylight. Just a few steps outside the airport the waters were turquise green, a color that I usually just see on post card photos, and now we were there ourselves. The sun was strikkng hot, being just three degrees North of the Equator, and both water and air stayed warm throughout day and evening. I feel like we will have some nice days ahead, being a week on board the G Adventures Dhoni Cruise that will take us around the atolls.