Spain, Trans African Overlanding

Meeting the People and the Truck in Malaga


After a week of waiting in Malaga our truck finally arrived with out tents meaning that we could move into the campsites. Seeing the truck for the first time I was surprised of how big it was and how easily it fit all sixteen of us:
Jonatan– A 26 year old IT engineer from Uppsala, Sweden. He is proudly wearing his ice breaker T-shirt for over a week without washing it now. (His blog is on this link)
Jussi– A 33year old logistics specialist (for a factory) from Kotka, Finland. Noone had so far volunteered to be his tent mate as he snores too loud.
Tomas V A 22 year old constrictor worker from Montreal, Canada. He has got about five hundred bucks total to spend on these six months through Africa.
Martina A 22 year old baker and art school graduate from Chicago, US. She just did a DNA test showing that she is 22 per cent Asian, even though her family tree shows only American European (Her blog is on this link)
Gudbjörk is a 20 year old waiter, wine specialist, and social care taker from Kópavogur Iceland. No one can pronounce her name so people call her gold bear, Guttbjørk etc.
Thomas H is a 27 year old cyber security specialist from Auckland, NZ. Since there was two Toms he got the nickname “Princess” on the first day and has stuck with him ever since.
Travis is a 32 year old waste manager in Antarctica. As if his hometown Milwaukee, US was not cold enough he decided to move to the South Pole and has been working there for eight years now. That’s pretty bad ass.
Elisabeth is a 34, client executive for a travel agency in her hometown Edinburgh, Scotland. She is probably the only Scottish I know who do not drink whiskey (Her blog is on this link)
Maria is a 21 year old waitress from Husavik, Iceland. She has chronic hiccups and a sweet laughter that ensures that it is never a hundred percent quiet.
Shani is a 20 year old waitress from Hogsback, South Afric but has been living most her life in the UK. As the youngest in the group we sometimes treat her as our baby. (her blog is on this link)
Lukas is a 20,year old who just graduated from a media high school. He is from Munich, Germany and will try to make a documentary from our trip together with me.
Frazer is our 55 year old tour leader who was born in Zimbabwe but consider himself Scottish. He has driven from Europe to South Africa eight times where his stories include being shot at, fighting child soldiers etc. He speaks all African languages and will be able to get us out of any situation that we can encounter.
Ryan is our 21 year old driver and Mechanic from Noosa, Australia. I would have guessed he was 35.
Gloria is a 61 year old retired secondary school teacher from Barcelona, Spain. She reads a lot and is studying middle age European history.
Christian is a 31 year old social worker from Hamburg, Germany. He has been working as a volunteer for one year in Ghana and will be our guide once we hit the Ghanaian beach towns.

Our truck weighs four and a half tonnes and has a ten liter engine that will make it possible to climb a tree if we have to. It’s back is separated from driving cabin and is almost like a house with space enough for all the stuff we will need along the way: