Australia, Surfing

Mojosurf Spot X Surfcamp



It was finally time to do what I had been looking forward to the most on my Australia trip which was surfing. I had picked the Spot X surfcamp by Mojosurf as my base as they are one of the biggest surf camps in Australia with a capacity of around 350 surfers. I had heard only good things about it and it absolutely lived up to my expectations.
The accommodation is basic where you either sleep in big Indian style tipis, classic Australian swags or some nicely done container apartments, all right on the beach. There are daily activities going on for the guests like kangaroo golf, kayaking and ocean rafting and it was always a good atmosphere with tanning on the camp grounds, volleyball on the beach and food and drinks in the common areas.
Arriving there on a late Saturday afternoon there were already lots of people playing games with their “goon” in the camp “sweat box”, the camps noise isolating party room. It was a great way of getting to know the people at the camp, who woke us up for surfing at seven am for surfing the next morning.
The waves around the camp were not very big,  but really clean and predictable, which was great for the learners and good for me to play a bit around in. Tomorrow I will be heading up to Byron Bay to try the waves up there as well.