Costa Rica

Monte Verde and La Fortuna

For our last weekend in Costa Rica me and a group of people rented minibus and drove to Monte Verde, which is a 34248_433952177593_5106295_nsmall town up in the mountain jungles of Costa Rica. My main expectations for the trip was to go ziplining and to see a lot of different animals. The ziplining part was really fun with more than 20 lines going through the jungle, over the jungle, straight down with free falling and at the end there was a Tarzan swing that gave you a last adrenaline rush. The whole thing was safe, with a lot of people watching out for you and helping you if you did not brake fast enough or if you stopped without reaching the platforms. There were enough of animals as well, including monkeys, iguanas and sloths.La Fortuna is a place in the jungle, where you walk through hanging bridges and down steep stairs in order to get to a beautiful waterfall and a good river to swim in. Some decided to go by horseback, but I would say that the 30 to 40 minute walk through the jungle is really worth it.