Brazil, Buenos Aires to Rio Overland

Pantanal, Day 3

On our last day in the Pantanal we finally got to go on a safari game drive in daytime, which we had been looking forward to the most in Pantanal. Like you probably know, game drives can be an all or nothing thing and unfortunately for us we did not see much that day. Luckily we had seen a lot on the night drive and riding safari, so we did not mind as much and left the place around noon with a full stomache and a top impression from the Pantanal.

Should you still be wondering what the Pantanal really is, it is he Worlds Biggest Wetlands in the center of South America stretched between Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It has more than hundred species of mammals, hundreds of species of birds and thousands of species of plants. To get there you probably would have to book a tour from a travel agency in advance, that would typically include a stay at one of the farms with all food and safaris included. When people look for wildlife experiences in Brazil it is usually the Amazon that gets all the attention, but since the Pantanal probably probably will surprise you with animals that you have not heard of before, and sine these are so easy to spot in the open landscape, you should really consider going to the Pantanal instead.

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