Indochina Discovery, Thailand

Phuket- Bangkok at the beach

Just like Bangkok, Patong is a place where you can find almost anything. The city is centrally located by the beach, with shopping malls, cinemas, wine bars and clubs within walking distance. During the day the city is full of tourists laying on the beach, or shopping along the many markeds along the main road, and in the night the city turns into the party capital of Asia with dozens of strip clubs and locals dragging tourists into so called “ping pong shows”. We got to see one of these, where the entertainer pulled razorblades, scarfs, live frogs, eels and birds out of their private parts. Even though the thought of it might be sickening, it was quite interesting to watch, and is something we will probably never forget.

Since Phuket was our last destination in Thailand we picked up lots of souvenirs such as fake jewelry, make up and sunglasses, which is a speciality of Patong. Since it was probably the most touristy place of the whole country, we were looking forward to moving on to the next country on our list: Cambodia.