Pilgrimage to the Touba Mosqué

For one week every year in november about 3 million Soufi muslims visit the mosque in the middle of Touba city, making it the second biggest muslim pilgrimage in the World, after Mecca. Touba is the holy City of Mouridism as its founder, Shaikh Aamadu Bambà Mbàkke was buried there. Today it is forbidden to consume alcohol and tobacco in the city and everywhere you turn you see his face plastered on every wall, car and window.
Getting there was a nightmare. Never have I ever seen so many people going in one direction, other than the refugees in the news channels. We picked up out local guide who got us through the crowded city and into the mosque and explained us all we wanted to know about the town, the pilgrimage and soufism. At the end of our tour he also took us to a outdoor TV studio where we were interviewed by the local news channel. At the end of the day I caught a taxi to Dakar and stayed a night with Muhammed and his friends who I met on the bus from Touba.

Muhammed and his brothers