Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain and Maracas

Port of Spain does not have the best reputation among capital cities. It has a high crime rate and has not much to see an do. Arriving with the 6am ferry I had a whole day to spend, so I walked around looking at the churched, did some shopping and ate some delicious Trinidad-Indian street food.

I also took an hour busride up to Maracas which has the reputation og being the most (or only) beautiful beach in all of Trinidad. The beach town is also famous for their “shark and bake” which is like a döner kebab, but with fried shart and then you pick the vegetables/sides you want including six sauces (adding all was actually really good!).

Being only four o’clock with my flight leaving closer to midnight, I decided to call Anders from Sweden, who I med on Pirate Beach Tobago and had said that he was working there. He picked me up twenty minutes later, showed me the park (which is the Worlds largest roundabout and the place where the annual Carnival takes off), showed me the old colonial style houses, the art center (which looked a bit like the Sydney Opera House) and invited me for a meal and some beers before dropping me off at the airport.