Broome to Perth (21 days)


kr9,000.00 kr8,100.00

  1. Perth
  2. Perth
  3. Perth/Rottnest Island
  4. Perth/Nambung National Park
  5. Nambung/Cervantes
  6. Kalbarri
  7. Kalbarri
  8. Shark Bay Region (Shell Beach)
  9. Francois Peron National Park
  10. Francois Peron National Park
  11. Nigaloo
  12. Nigaloo
  13. Exmouth
  14. Exmouth
  15. Exmouth/ road to Karijini
  16. Karijini National Park
  17. Port Hedland
  18. Port Headland/Eighty Mile Beach
  19. Broome
  20. Broome
  21. Trip is finished. Opt to join to Kimberley Region.


Itinerary from March 1st to March 20th:

Day 1: Arrival day in Perth. If you are joining from here we will pick you up from the airport.
Day 2: Spend the day wandering around and Perth and get to know the city. If you need to get a sleeping bag, mosquito spray or mat to sleep on it will be good to get it today before we hit the open road.
Day 3: Today we will head from Perth to Rottnest Island to meet its gorgeous fuzzy residents. If 2014-16 were the years of all things ‘pug’, and 2017 was ruled by the sloth, we predict 2020 may belong to the quokka. It’s love, guys.
Day 4: Set off up the West Coast. It’s around a two-hour drive from Perth to Nambung National Park, home to the Pinnacles. If you are not into that we can instead head to the pink lake. After a day exploring here, bed down in your camper in Cervantes, a cute coastal town nearby.
Day 5: Check out Cervantes’ Thirsty Point for views of the Indian Ocean after brekky, before driving the four and a half hours to Kalbarri, where there are plenty of campsite options.
Day 6: Explore Kalbarri National Park  for it’s colourful wildflowers and scenic sandstone cliffs. Take to a canoe or trek through the vast gorges.

Day 7: It’s around a four-hour drive to the first of your stops in the beautiful Shark Bay region. First stop, Shell Beach!
Day 8-9: With so many gorgeous beaches and wildlife encounters fit to rival Blue Planet, you’ll want a few days to explore Francois Peron National Park, Monkey Mia’s wild dolphin feeding grounds and Shark Bay’s amply other sandy enclaves at your leisure – they’re all within a short drive of each other.
Day 10: You can drive on to Coral Bay in three hours and pitch up for the night
Day 11: Drive to Ningaloo and have some rest.
Day 11: It’s a short drive from Coral Bay beach to Ningaloo
Day 12: You can spend the day diving with whale sharks, snorkelling with turtles or boat tripping out to see humpback whales.
Day 12: Drive time between Ningaloo and Exmouth is under two hours.
Day 13: You’ll want to spend at least another day in this heavenly beach bum’s paradise, soaking up more of the Ningaloo reef, and the marine life you missed at your last stop.

Day 14: It’s an eight hour drive from Ningaloo to Karijini National Park, so we will break it up in two days, so before you go you should make sure you’re well rested – camping overnight under a blanket of stars here is a must.
Day 15: Drive the second leg of the road to Karijini National Park.
Day 16-17: Rise early to take in Karijini’s landscapes on Day 14. On Day 15, set off on the five hour drive to Port Hedland for an overnight stop. These parts are remote, but there’s plenty of campsites with amenities.
Day 18: Port Hedland to Eighty Mile Beach is a three hour drive. Although the sea full of nasty critters you wouldn’t want to swim with, sunrise, sunset and the endless empty tidal flats here are made for photo opportunities, beers and general zenning out.
Day 19: On to Broome! Abandon your trusty group and van here, mount one of Australia’s million native camels (the Middle East does import them from here, you know) and ride down Cable Beach.
Days 20 and onwards: Optionally tag an off-road adventure in the Kimberley region onto the end of your West Coast roadie. This area needs 4WD vehicle, so we recommend a tour.