Sabratha- A Favorite for Both Me and the ISIS

Sabratha was for me the highlight of my visit to Libya. I had been a bit concerned about going there before I went. By googling Sabratha you will get a lot of articles about the fightings that were going on there until about four months ago. Sabratha was afterall under ISIS control and was then used as a smugglers hub for human trafficing.

When visiting the ruins we found some life vests laying on the shore, we saw lots of empty bullets and we saw damages from gunfire and mortars. The stuff that had beeing going on there was imaginable to me though, as it felt more peaceful than anywhere, having absolutely no other tourists around, or locals for that sake.

Kalashnikov bullets laying around

It was even so peaceful that I decided to get in the water and go for a swim in my underwear. Luckily it was right after I got out of the water and not before that a security guard demanded us to leave the site. Apparently they had made some new rules where you needed a written note from a ministry, but as we had seen the whole site already we did not bother arguing and left the site.