Papua New Guinea

Safety in Port Moresby

When I first arrived at Port Moresby and went out for a couple of beers with some volunteers I would be couchsurfing with, I was told that Moresby was one of the most dangerous cities in the World. They fed me stories of targeted break ins, blind voilence by gangs, car jackings, muggings and racial killings that had happened in recent times and said that they did not at all go unaccompanied outside. Their volunteer organisation provided them with drivers and security guards and had said that if they were seen wandering around without them they could loose their job and get sent home.
The first morning I joined them on their way to work and then just walked a bit around downtown, just to see that a lot of the people greeted me and wanted to make sure I was fine. I did not ask the police for help as I was told that they then would charged me for their service, but when asking people on the streets they were super friendly and even walked with me across town to make sure that I was all right as the white people here do not walk in the streets at all. As I was carrying only things of material value and having a good travel insurance that covered theft I traveled around with the local buses and walking by myself on the streets for a full five days without experiencing anything but friendly greetings, so my guess is that Port Moresby is a little less dangerous than it is said to be. Go there yourself and you will be met by only grins and not guns.
The loud and dirty Koki Market