Namibia, Trans African Overlanding

Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei


We managed to secure the last spot for our truck and tents in the park, which allowed us to camp and explore the national park for a three days. Arriving around noon there was plenty of time to do some laundry and then walk the five kilometers over to the Sesriem Canyon. From the viewpoint on top you could not really see much of it, so we walked down and through the narrow canyon.


The next morning we started driving at four while it was still dark outside. The plan was to make it to the dunes at sunrise which unfortunately we did not. The last few kilometers we were told that we needed to buy tickets for a 4*4 drive, as our truck was not fit for driving through the sand. We arrived just after sunrise, but got to see the shadows moving on the dunes which was just as fascinating. It took a little more than an hour to hike up the Worlds biggest sand dune, called Big Daddy, and after a short moment viewing the landscape alone from the top I ran it down in less than two minutes.


What I had been looking forward to seeing the most in Sossosvlei was the dead trees called the “Dead Vlei”. After having ran down “Big Daddy” I saw some trees standing lonely at the bottom and took some pictures, not knowing that I was actually standing in “Dead Vlei” watching those exact trees. Even though it looks quite beautiful on photos, it was not more than just a few trees to see and much less impressive than what I had expected.