Iran, The Silk Road

Skipping History Class in Isfahan

We got to do a full day of sightseeing in Isfahan to see the Worlds second biggest plaza (after Tianamen Square in Beijing), the palace, some underground and overground Mosques and the famous bridges that connect the South of the city with the North. For the two next days our guide could not show up due to some tragic events, so we were on our own to do whatever we wanted to.

With plenty of historic sights seen the last couple of weeks we were ready for something more adventurous, so we headed off to the amusement park Dream Land situated about half an hour outside the city of Isfahan. The park was completely empty and with our entry pass costing just 400 000 rials (10USD) we could take the rides as many times as we wanted, e.g the rollercoaster that we took five times non stop. It was almost like being back in Turkmenistan where there were heaps of things to see and do, but with no other people. The spinning chairs from the pictures below were my absolute favorite, where I could have just gone again and again for a whole day straight. Just being in my own thoughts, in a chair gently flying through the air in a faraway country..