Staying in Pelekh Kibbutz, Lower Galilee

Again I found myself couchsurfing in a Kibbutz- a Israeli collective community. Traditionally Kibbutzes were based on farming, but today they stand for almost a tenth of all Israeli output, producing everything from IT services to military equipment. They also work in different ways, which I found out after my second Kibbutz visit.
The people I stayed with in Kibbutz Eilot had told me that all the money they made went to the Kibbutz, the expenses were paid and then all the money was equally distributed between all members of the Kibbutz.
In Kibbutz Palekh it was done in another way. Here I stayed with a group of six people, hereby referred to as a unit. The unit members did not have their own bank account, just one for the whole unit, so they worked more like a marriage where everyone could buy a coffee, some clothes or other necessities without asking the others, but for computers, cars etc there had to be a discussion in the group first. The unit had one common economy and would pay taxes to the Kibbutz for the services it provided.
In both cases it were the Kibbutzes who owned the buildings and things like a work office, gym and common rooms. The difference was how big of a role the Kibbutz had and how much the unit had. In that sense the first Kibbut, Eilot was the more totalitarian communist working one and the second more like a socialist country with a good welfare system. Both were quite interesting to love in and learn about- I think it is quite incredible to see that communism can work well in cases were everyone is just as dedicated to it.

For my travels onwards in Israel I had decided to do what I could for collaborative consumption, like couch surfing and hitch hiking my way around.