Stuck in Adelaide

So, my plan was to fly from Darwin to Adelaide, spend six hours there and then fly overnight from there to Doha and onwards to Oslo. That went well, until my flight was cancelled and I was stuck in Adelaide.

As soon as I had landed in Adelaide I had gone outside and jumped on the first bus to the city center. The place really felt like itut had been carefully planned and created from scratch just like Washington DC, Pretoria, Brasilia and so on. The city center was all inside a square park, just half an hour from the airport and had some beautiful old buildings like the train station and the theater.

I asked a beggar on the street where in the city it was nice to walk around and shook his hand while slipping a coin, much like the bribe handshake they do in movies. Money well spent I thought half an hour later after I had arrived Glenelg and sat with a paper bagged beer and watched the sunset from the beach.

Glenelg is a suburb of Adelaide, about a 40 minute tram ride from the city center. It was a place with lots of restaurants, street musicians and people having picnics on the beach. It was time much better spent than just hanging out on the airport I thought to myself as I was sitting in the bus on my way back.

I got to the gate just before it closed, sat down in the airplane watching a movie for over an hour before the captain told us that the flight had to be cancelled due to technical problems with the aircraft. A few minutes later I was on my way back into the city to catch some sleep and wait for the airline to call me once they had booked me on abother flight.

The following day I spent just waiting at the airport. A crappy place to be for so long I thought to myself until I got on a new plane 24 hours after my original flight schedule. I started looking forward to coming home to my tent in Trondheim aa I fell asleep on the 14,5 hour plane ride to Doha.