Bolivia, La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure

Sucre: “the White Capital” of Bolivia

Even though La Paz has taken over as the administrative capital of Bolivia, Sucre is still being the constitutional capital, with the historical reason being that it was located close to the wealth and silver mines in Potosi which will be our next stop on this journey.

“La Ciudad Blanca” or the white city probably has the most calm and relaxing athmosphere in Bolivia, and the city center is well kept mostly with clean, white building walls and some impressing churches and government buildings around the Plaza, the center of the city.

The city also has a pretty mild climate as it is located much lower (at 2700 masl) than the other capital La Paz, where we met our tour group a couple of days ago. We will follow G Adventures and our group for a fifteen day adventure through some of the highlights of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina before ending the tour in Buenos Aires.

Today, our group of sixteen people split up from our hotel, Independencia, to go to different activities such as hiking, quad biking, horse back riding through beautiful nature surrounding the city, most of the activities ending with a visit to a wall with over 200 dinosaurus footprints (Cal Orck’o), located about 20 minutes outside of Sucre, on the way to Cochabamba.