Burkina Faso, Trans African Overlanding

The Burkino Capital Ouagadougou


Having to wait nearly a week for our Ghanaian visas we had lots of time to kill in the capital of Burkina Faso. In my opinion it is the capital in the World with the funniest name, but it was definitely not the most fun one. Just like most cities in West Africa it feels like a smaller city which has jut been built wider and not higher and with more traffic and Ouagadougou is no exception. They had built monumimageents in every roundabout that were nice to see but after a few hours walking around town I felt like I had seen it all. Luckily there was a reggae festival and free rock concerts at the Rock Ouaga festival that was helt at the French Institute on the weekend. There was also a Congolese TV crew staying at our hotel who were in the city to capture it’s live music scene and they asked us if they were allowed to film us one of the evenings. They followed us around that whole evening with light and cameras- maybe we will be celebrities by the time we get to Congo now!


Renting scooters one of the days was also a good idea to be able to go to Bazoulé village with the sacred crocodiles and then me and an American also did a weekend escape riding the train back to Bobo-Dioulasso where we got arrested for five days. Now we are just ready to get out of this country and meet up with the rest of the group in Ghana.