The Canals of Venice

Venice sounds like a clichée, but it was actually super nice! To get there by train you have to drive over a long bridge and when you get out of the (St. Lucia) trainstation, you are stepping right out on the canals!

Although this place was completely packed with tourists, I enjoyed every bit of walking the narrow streets, seeing the gondolas go by and smelling the food that was cooked along the way. I noticed how every bridge over the canals were constructed in different ways and it was not the most famous ones, like “the Bridge of Sighs” or “the Grand Canale” bridge that was the most beautiful in my opinon. It was the quiet ones where daily life went on for locals.

The Bridge of Sighs is probably the most famous and therefore full of tourists

We only spent the shorter part of a day in Venice and we could have easily spent more. This city lived, by far, up to its expectation and just walking around in the streets was like getting lost in a maze where there was something beautiful around every corner.