The Principality (Führstentum) of Liechtenstein

Going from Austria to Switzerland, we were bound to travel through the country of Liechtenstein. Even though the railroad runs by, there is no train stations in the country. That is why we got off the train in the small Swiss city of Chur and jumped on the bus to Vaduz.

The half hour drive there was nice, passing though the small village of Schaan with vineyards an old church, before the bus finally stopped in Vaduz.

I was surprised to see how small the country really was. Geographically it was bigger than the countries of San Marino and the Vatican which we had visited earlier in the week, but in Vaduz there were almost no people. It was like any village would have been in Switzerland, with a church and at a castle, but nothing more. Taking the bus back to Switzerland, to the city of Sargans, we had crossed the whole country with just over an hour of driving, so for anyone who wants to go there to get some kind of special experience, I just guess there is none. Vineyards and castles is something you have all over the alps. On the vineyard that we did visit there, we looked at the restaurant where the prices for the average appetizer was around 50euroes-way too expensive for our budgets! Looking it up online afterwards I realized that we had been to the Prince’s own vineyard and that this was the country’s most exclusive place to dine.

There is also a trek in Liechtenstein called “the Three Sisters” (die Drei Schwestern”) that one can do, but since I guess that would not have been any different to hiking elsewhere in the Alps we felt like it was enough to spend just one day in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The view from the Prince’s winery