San Marino

The Republic of San Marino

The fifth smallest country and the oldest, San Marino was just 30kilometers away from Rimini. As there were no train stations in the country, we rented a motorbike and drove up the hill to the fortress city and capital of the country, which was also called San Marino.

The fortress was on a steep hill overlooking Italy. Driving up we were surpassed by Ferraris and Lamborghinis, so it seemed to us that a lot of people living there were quite rich. When we finally got to the top and looked down it became clear to us why. The view from San Marino down over Italy was absolutely stunning.

We just walked around and had a look at shops, museums and restaurants. Almost all shops were selling knives and airguns and it is still not clear to us why. We grabbed a pizza to go and took some photos of the streets, churches and monuments before heading back to our hostel in Rimini. When crossing the border to Italy it was hard to believe that we had seen all the highlights of a whole country in just one day.