The Sine Saloum Delta

Shell Island- a big island completely made up of seashells

Even though it was not quite an Okawanga experience, the Sine Saloum Delta in Senegal was worth a visit. There was no animals to see and the landscape was much like elsewhere but it was the interactions with the locals that made our stay there.

One of the days we took a pirogue trip out to a village to meet the chief of a nearby village, which was a woman claiming to be 98 years old. She seemed to quite like foreigners, especially the ones of us who had a beard, as she kissed us on our cheeks multiple times. On the island we also visited a school in the middle of a drawing lessons. The kids were eager to show us their chalkboard drawings and asked us to take pictures of them. Clearly they knew what we were, so it is probably a place where more tourists come by. Our guide was good at explaining and showed us what daily life there was like, from everything to people cooking and making new beds and houses.

On our second day we did another trip on the delta. This time to see some birdtime life and to visit the Shell Island, an island made of shells. This island had a top with a good view of the delta and a huge Beobab tree they were circumcising young boys in. We drove back in the pirogue around sunset through the still waters which made us all quite ready for bed..