The Worlds Longest Beach in Cox Bazaar

In the far South East of Bangladesh, on the border of Myanmar there is a beach called Cox Bazaar, which with its 120kilometers is considered the longest uninterupted beach in the World.

I had been told by everyone to go to Saint Martin island, which is right between the two brodering countries, but when I arrived I got to understand that this would not be possible because I was told that this might be dangerous at times where this was used as a smuggle route for guns, drugs and the nearly one million Rohingya refugees who had arrived in Bangladesh.

Parts of the beach is used as the main road/marine drive

The city and area towards the border had thousands of aid workers from Red Cross, Doctors without borders and other organizations that had come there to help. Also I was there during Bangla holidays so the area around Lamboni Point was crowded with local tourists and people who wanted to sell pictures, rent out atvs and jetskis and people selling food and souveniers on the beach.

I had Borrowed a fatbike from my CS host and tried to cycle down as far as I could on the beach, which is also used as the main road of the marine drive down to Pechar Dwip, where I went to look for red crabs and to the himchari waterfall and mountain walk which was not at all impressive.

The Hinchari Waterfall which you have to pay to see. And people are excited.

Heading back to Dhaka I opted for a sleeper bus for the 12 hour journey which was a good choice as I got to sleep though the night and wake up to the celebration of Paelha Falgun (first day of spring) in the capital.