Tirana, the Capital of Albania

Made it to the top of the Hoxha Pyramid!

When we crossed over to Albania it was like we were no longer in Europe. There were no chain restaurants, no big supermarkets etc. It was more like in Central Asia or how I imagine the Caucasus being like.

These bunkers are everywhere in Albania- this one is the Bunker 2 Art Museum in Tirana

One of the reasons is probably because the country got out of a communist dictatorship only fifteen years ago. Since then it has been one of the poorest countries in Europe, but it is believed to be the country in Europe showing most growth in the upcoming years according to our guide.

Visiting the bunker museum, which explained some of the torture, the closing down of borders and interrogation of its own people was quite interesting. Fun was it also to climb the “Pyramid” which was a really ugly building that was erected for the dictator, Hoxha.

As I was traveling with a bunch of Americans and since it was fourth of July, out guide arranged some firework, champagne, flags and barbecue for the event, which of course was accompanied by beerpong and a (cheap) night out in Tirana.

A spinning 360° skybar where beer was 1€