Trekking the Swiss Grand Canyon

During the last two weeks we had stayed somewhere new every single night and were happy to finally spend two whole nights in Zürich together with my friend Isabelle, who I first had met in Bali three months ago.

The fortress by the lake in Neuchatel

On our bucket trip bucket list we had hiking in the Swiss alps, and Isi had suggested a trip to Creux du Van, which was exactly the trip we had been looking for. We took the train from Zürich to Neuchatel, stayed there for an hour before going to the village of Noiraigue in the French part of Switzerland where the trek started. After a steep 1,5hr hike we found ourself sitting with our lunchpack, dingeling our feet over a mountainside that had the nickname “the Grand Canyon of Switzerland”. The weather was great and so was the view.

Another thing we had on our travel bucket list was hitchhiking, so we asked a couple of Swiss-Italians if we could get a ride to the nearest town, which happened to be Môtiers – the town where absinth was invented. We quickly ended up at one of the destilleries, where Sara, who’s husbands’s family had been destilling since the year 1797, even through 100 years of abolition. She offered us a glass of each kind and explained the history of the drink and how it was made.

Having a “backpacker shower” on the Limmat River- right in the middle of Zürich city center

Our day trip was more than we could have hoped for and visiting Lake Zürich, the city center and eating home made Swiss food with local beer and wine was a great break from our otherwise quite hectic eurotrip itinerary. On the way to Zürich we also made a quick stop at Chur to try the World’s longest toboggan ride- feel free to check out the video on my instagram profile here.