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Useful Links for Travelling Abroad

Visa rules:
Travel advise and visa requirements for Norwegians traveling abroad: link (
Visa requirements for Norwegian citizens: link (wikipedia)
Visa service agency, don’t forget to get 10% with a Kilroy ISIC card: link (
Travel Vaccination:
Vaccinations reccomended by the Norwegian Istitute of Public Health: link (
Vaccination map: link (
Average weather and climate around the world by month: link ( a weather forecast you can use around the globe: link
Activities:A webpage where you can browse sporting activities on a map: link(Splocs)
A page where you can look for daytrips en route: link (Viator)

Stay at locals for free link (
Airports rated and described: link ( for cheap accomodation: link

Wikipedias list of low cost airlines categorized by country: link

Other links for the traveling enthusiast:
An interesting collection of maps putting the world into another perspective: link
Create a map for your around the world trip: link
20 Biggest travel mistakes: link