Southern Circle, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls: The African Adventure Capital

victoria falls

Victoria Falls is a massive waterfall on the Zambezi River located right on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our trip itinerary gave us three nights in the city of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side. Here we would get the chance to do lots of adrenaline activities or just relax at the Drifters Lodge where we were staying.   

The first evening when we arrived, the chef at the lodge had prepared some traditional “braai”(barbecue meal) by the pool. They had also prepared a show for us, with traditional Zimbabwe dancing to keep us entertained during the meal. Since we all had booked activities starting early the next morning we all decided to go early to bed.



The second day in Vic-Falls was the best one. It started off early with pickup from the lodge that would take us to Falls for some white water rafting. We had been told the day before that it would be quite extreme at the time we were there, but compared to what I had imagined it was a comfortable ride. There were some parts where the waves were rough, but mostly we were just gliding through in a beautiful scenery.

The second activity on the program was the sunset river cruise, also known as the “booze cruise”. Here we were reminded several times that all drinks were free of charge while the boat glided past elephants and crocodiles in the riverfront. The second animal mentioned we also got to taste later that evening at a restaurant called “Mama Africa”.


The evening was spent in the bar of a backpacker hostel called “Shoestrings”. This seemed to be the place where the all the tourists gathered in the evenings. Even though the hostel was just a five minute walk from our lodge, we had been told to take a taxi because of the elephants and buffaloes who could get quite aggressive in the night. And I am quite glad we did! When we arrived at our lodge there were 5-6 buffalos waiting right by our gate, so our taxi driver had to honk and drive towards them to scare them away so that we could get in safely. So that was just a bonus adrenaline adventure! 

The next day we slept for a long time and then spent three hours at the Falls. Here there were some dry places with good view, but most of it was just a big shower of water where it was not possible to see further than a couple of meters. But it was still possible to hear the roaring of the waterfall and feel how massive it really was. 

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