Indochina Discovery, Laos

Vientiane, the former capital of French Laos

P1060473When we first got to the capital of Laos, it felt like stepping into a small French city, with bakeries on every street corner selling “croissants” and “le baguette”. Snails and frogs were also on the menu, but as we were really hungry we decided to go for a steak as big as 650grams. This was the biggest steak I had seen in my life, and we had to go through a food coma after eating the whole thing, not leaving anything on the plate. Delicious food is something Vientiane is famous for, and is what we had came to eat.Vientiane is also referred to by Lonely Planet as the most quiet capitol in the world. And this can sure be believed. No cars or motorbikes are allowed into the city center, and it is not crowded with people like other South- East Asian cities. It is a real cosy place to sit and enjoy quality coffee on the street, while watching orange munks walk by in the streets.